When I think of these words by the great Sufi mystic-poet, Hafiz, I am reminded that he also said Beauty itself wields a sharp knife. It ever pierces through unreality to one's core. Everything in this world is helplessly reeling, he declared, stay close to those sounds that make you glad you are alive. I hope the voices and beautifully incisive visioning of the poets gathered here at least makes you glad you listened. They speak truth and beauty, and I think you'll find the love that underlies that shines through, too.
BRANT LYON & FRIENDS / Beauty Keeps Laying its Sharp Knife Against Me

It has been a joy to collaborate with such talented friends as these. I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to have written and performed the music for Hawley, Frank, Diana Gitesha, E. J., Farid and Robin. (Thanks too for the magic of digital keyboarding-the "guitars", "organs", "horns", "percussion", "pianos" and myriad other sounds my trusty Roland FP produced-which provided the accompaniment for them!) My warm appreciation extends toward my friends, Anne and Rob, for their beautiful addition to the album. And I, of course, owe special thanks to my sound engineer, J. Armen, whose amazing technical skills, musicianship, and artistry helped carry through this project. As Hafiz-whose verse first inspired me to undertake it-said, Good poetry makes the universe admit a secret: "I am really just a tambourine. Play me against your warm thigh." -- Brant Lyon

Original musical compositions, arrangements, and performance by Brant Lyon

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by J. Armen at J. Armen Studios, New York, NY www.jarmen.net
Track 9, recorded by Rob Voisey at Vox Novus Studios, New York, NY www.VoxNovus.com

Graphic design by J. Armen
Executive Producer: Brant Lyon
from LOGOchrysalis Productions